London Ceremonial

Chelsea Pensioner at the Royal Hospital Chelsea.

Chelsea Pensioner at Royal Hospital Chelsea. Three Cheers for the founder.

Chelsea Pensioner at Royal Hospital Chelsea. Three Cheers for the founder.

Here is a new drawing of a Chelsea pensioner at the founders day rehearsal. Three days later the founders day salute was taken by HRH Duke of Sussex.

Chelsea Pensioners are former soldiers or non-commissioned officers of the British Army (including National Service) or former officers of the British Army who served in the ranks for at least 12 years or were awarded a disablement pension while serving in the ranks. They must be over 65 years of age, be able to live independently on the Long Wards on arrival to the Royal Hospital Chelsea and be free of any financial obligation to support a spouse or family.

Up to 300 army veterans live at the Royal Hospital including those who have served in Korea, the Falkland Islands, Cyprus, Northern Ireland and World War II. Others may not have served in campaigns, but all understand what it means to be a soldier and the potential sacrifice that it entails.

The Royal Hospital is a Grade I and II listed site, a beautiful architectural legacy left to us by Charles II and Sir Christopher Wren.

Yeoman Warder at Tower of London

yeoman_warder_taller 2.jpg

Just started on a new series of drawings based on the Ceremonial uniforms found in London. I started at the Tower of London where the magnificent Yeoman Warders guard the Tower and give animated talks to visitors from all over the world. Their uniforms date back to Tudor times and remind me of the portraits of King Henry VIII.

The popular name for the Yeomen is ‘Beefeaters’ and a well known brand of Gin also bears the name and an image of the Yeoman guard in full cermonial uniform which is worn at State occassions.

I’m looking forward to seeing the state uniform soon as we have a State visit in London from 3rd to 5th June when The President of the USA is visiting. Should be interesting!